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How to Renovate Your Condo for Space Optimization

When you renovate your condo it can be a huge project when you need to increase space and functionality while still making it look aesthetically pleasing. Big-scale and small-scale renovations can be made to make your condo look better and more spacious.

When you’re considering ways to make your condo look bigger, you can consult remodeling contractors and take inspiration from their suggestions. ECO General Contractors can help you with unique ideas that will help you enhance your space. Let’s take a look at the suggestions for improving your condo layout space.

Install In-Built Storage

One of the best methods to utilize empty wall space and your furniture can be to get some in-built storage. You can install cabinets, closets, shelves, and much more to utilize empty wall space around your condo. Whether you’re looking at furniture that has storage compartments or considering getting built-in shelves for your empty walls, they can also minimize the clutter around your home.

Add an Island

When planning a condo renovation that enables you to use space more efficiently, consider forgoing a traditional dining table and opt for an island in your kitchen instead. With some additions, your island can become a place for you and others to eat meals and work simultaneously. It enables you to use the dining space for other purposes, like creating a workspace or living room area.

Loft Your Bedroom or Living Room

If your condo has high ceilings, you can take advantage of that by adding a second level to your home. Make your bedroom right above the living area or change your living area to be upstairs while your bedroom remains downstairs. Adding another level to your condo can give you an abundance of space, but you should expect extensive renovations to take place for that to happen.

Change Your Corners into Spaces

If your condo has awkward corners (like between your wall and window) that you can’t seem to do anything with, consider installing seating options or getting the help of remodeling contractors to break it down to add more space. You can turn those weird corners into extra space or a little nook in your condo with little effort. Look for inspiration online if you can’t figure out what would be the best way to utilize it.

Get Doors Removed

Doors can take quite a bit of unnecessary space. Getting your doors removed from common-use areas like your kitchen, living room, and closets can help free up space that you can utilize. Consider getting archways or swinging doors installed for alternate options to having a traditional door.

Renovate Your Condo With ECO General Contractors

Need to Make Your Condo More Spacious? Our Builders Are Here to Help. When you need expert builders and contractors to help remodel your condo in the Florida area, trust ECO General Contractors. Your remodeling efforts won’t just make your condo more spacious but will increase its value in case you ever decide to put it on the market in the future. Get a complete renovation done in no time when you have experts by your side. Call 888-257-8514 to get a quotation for your space optimization renovation.

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