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Commercial Builder

Commercial Builder

Are you looking for a commercial builder? A commercial renovation is a difficult task that requires a lot of careful planning. With a successful renovation, you can modernize your commercial space and enhance many features of your office including technology, layout, energy efficiency, and much more. While renovating your commercial space offers many benefits, there are some growing pains along the way if the process if is not done professionally. That’s why it is recommended to hire an experienced remodeling contractor i.e. ECO Home Builders (EHB). Reduce adverse impacts of commercial renovations and leave it to professionals.

Why Hire Us?

Commercial BuilderOur commercial builder services offer reliable, affordable, and top quality commercial remodeling, contact ECO Home Builders. Over the years, we have remodeled numerous Florida businesses to create beautiful, functional, and efficient work-spaces.

We offer commercial remodeling services for restaurants, retail and industrial spaces, business and medical offices, and more. We work with our clientele through all the phases of the building or renovation process. From obtaining permits to the design phase, construction, and final walk through, we can help you solve even the most complicated design challenges. At EHB, we understand that downtime drastically affects the bottom line of your business. That’s why we always complete our projects on time and within budget without compromising detail or accuracy.

Our Services

Commercial Business Renovation

At EHB, we believe that renovating your business property is not just about aesthetics. Improving the layout or flowCommercial Builder of your business, or renovating your storefront can mean a lot more to your business profit. A good business renovation can make your daily operations and your workforce more efficient and your clients more at ease.

No matter how difficult the design may be, we can help. In the past, we have worked with many Florida businesses from initial design phases to the final review and walk-through. We can also help you in disaster or emergency situations to restore your business with minimal downtime. From creating more space for your employees and customers to various workflow challenges, you can count on EHB for a professional and reliable service.

Commercial Bathroom Renovation

For property owners in South Florida, EHB is a perfect contractor for completing your commercial bathroom remodel. Over the years we have completed commercial bathroom renovations in all kinds of properties, including medical facilities, office buildings, churches, restaurants, and other buildings. We know how to choose the right materials and design your commercial bathroom both beautiful and durable.

Commercial BuilderOffice Building Renovation

At EHB, we understand that a run-down or outdated office building can really affect your bottom line. That’s why we offer professional renovation service to help you improve the appearance of your office building. Our renovation service will not only make your office look good, but will also improve your earnings. From concept, design, and final review, EHB has the experience to transform office buildings from just functional to profitable and superb design aesthetics.

Eco Home Commercial Builder

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