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Add Style To Your Home With A Wooden Staircase Renovation

wooden staircase renovation

The staircases witness heavy traffic leading to wear and tear, which a professional refinish sets right. Wooden staircase renovation, when undertaken by specialists, impressively transforms a functional component into a designer’s element.

Steps to Stylishly Refinish Your Wooden Stairs

A renovation project must include enhancing staircases with wood to complement the overall look of the place with effective refinishing resulting in a stylish transformation highlighting other home elements.

If you like the stairs with a runner, we can find a design that will not only protect the vulnerable sections of the wood but compliment the overall design of your place.

Our trained renovation contractors will either remove your stair’s existing finish using a sanding technique or remove the existing stairs and add innovative, creative, and one-of-a-kind designer stairs. A proper staining process assures you of an effective and durable application during your renovation.

Stain and Finish

Skilled contractors accurately apply stains on your bare wooden staircase using the appropriate number of applications. Qualified workers clean every unwanted splatter that occurs during your renovation project before it dries up. To match your stair risers, painting of banisters and baseboards along your wooden stairs is also undertaken by expert teams.

After removing all the resultant dirt, strip the protective coverings and painter’s tape and put back displaced items. Once we finish with the remodeling project, a cleaning crew will leave your place spotless.

Delegate the licensed and trained ECO General Contractors to revamp your wooden stairs. Our focus on quality, consistency, and professionalism guarantees a valuable return.

Approach us for a wooden staircase renovation that will surpass your every expectation. If your house is modern, or has a Mediterranean style we are experts to determine the type of wood, railing material or special glass fittings that would go accordingly to the design aesthetic. Call for a FREE estimate at 888-257-8514

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