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Custom Remodeling Islands on a Budget

Custom Remodeling Islands On A Budget

Your kitchen is one of the key areas in your home. People in your household are constantly revolving around the kitchen, whether they’re getting a drink or food. It’s also an area that can quickly look outdated when you haven’t gotten it remodeled in a while, custom remodeling islands are a must.

Kitchen remodeling is ideal when you’re looking to give your kitchen a much-needed uplift. Your kitchen island is a central area in your kitchen, and how you customize it to your needs and interior design is critical to the rest of your kitchen. Here is what you should know about custom remodeling islands:

Why You Should Customize Your Kitchen Island

Your kitchen is unique to your requirements and your home design. You don’t want to opt for a generic factory-made island that doesn’t cater well to your interior design. A custom kitchen island is ideal when you want to complement or enhance your existing kitchen design.
You can find many options for your kitchen island, from traditional black and white to rustic themes. When you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen, look for kitchen remodeling contractors who can cater to your requirements.

What You Should Consider

There are many components to think about when looking to get a custom kitchen island. Some things you should be considering are:
Your existing kitchen design

  • Island size
  • Whether you need seating or not
  • Whether cabinet space is required with the island
  • Island material (wood, metal, etc.)

Color theme
There are many options for kitchen islands, and depending on your budget, you can be as extravagant or modest as you want.

Budget-Friendly Options
If you’re on a budget, you need to find a custom kitchen island design that caters to your requirements but without going over budget. Some materials can be ruled out since they will be too pricey. Some standard options are:

Waterfall Island: Gives a seamless look where countertops flow over the edge, similar to a waterfall

Wooden Islands: Depending on your budget, you can go for affordable woods like White Oak or Soft Maple. If you have more budget to work with, even polished mahogany can look outstanding in any kitchen.
Metal Surfaces: When you’re looking to add some definition and glamor to your kitchen, going for islands with gold or silver elements can be ideal. It can be done through marble (with gold or silver veins running through it) or by making the island itself completely silver or gold.

Cater To Your Needs

When looking for a custom kitchen island, you have to ensure that it caters to your requirements. If your household commonly eats meals on the kitchen island, having seating options and a space to eat is crucial.
If your kitchen island is commonly used as an area for food preparation, you want to have ample surface and lighting. Consider getting a sink installed on your island if you don’t have space for it elsewhere.

Need Custom Kitchen Remodeling? We Can Help with custom remodeling islands

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