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ECO Home Pavers Installation Services

Pavers Installation Services

Are you looking for pavers installation services? If so, ECO Home Builders can help! Pavers should not be installed without prior planning as there are elements to take into consideration such as shifting forces, silt formation, tree roots, and drainage. That’s why it is recommended to hire the help of professionals for this type of construction project. As home builders, we are professional paver installers with the certifications and experience needed for this type of jobs.

pavers installation servicesWhy Choose Us?

EHB is the leading pavers installer in South Florida. From pool decks to driveways, our pavers installation services will completely transform your home. We use only high-quality materials to ensure the end result is accordingly to your specifications and overall look of your home. We also carry a wide selection of paver colors and shapes to enhance the aesthetics of your property. We are a premier paver installation company that offers a wide range of services. From pavers installations to walkways, sidewalks, to small roadway repairs. ECO Home Builders is ready to handle all of your paving installation needs.

Our Servicespavers installation services

• Interlocking Pavers

As experts in our field, we install different types of interlocking pavers for walkways, patios, driveways, pool decks, and street applications for both residential and commercial areas. Furthermore, we also specialize in stone interlocking pavers that are available in a variety of colors, styles, and shapes. We will help you enhance your curb appeal with beautiful stone setting pavers.

pavers installation services• Pedestal Pavers

Pedestal pavers are a great choice for rooftops and overlay applications to include apartments and condos. Pedestal pavers are mostly used for commercial applications; however, they are also used in residential areas. We install pedestal pavers over sloped or uneven surfaces that need drainage or uneven surfaces with no visible drains. Our pedestal pavers installations are suitable for rooftop patio areas, pedestrian walkways, and balconies.

• Gravel or Loose Fill Paving Installation pavers installation services

At ECO Home Builders, we offer gravel paving and loose fill paving installations. Loose paving is a great option for your outdoor landscaping projects, especially when you want to stretch your home improvement dollars. Gravel, wood chips, small rock, and sand are all kinds of loose fill that work well just like any other landscaping material. With our creativity and professional work, gravel and loose fill paving installation will be as beautiful as stonework and actual paving.

pavers installation services• Concrete Pavers for Floors and Driveways

At ECO Home Builders, we also offer concrete pavers for floors and driveways. There are a lot of outdoor areas that can benefit from the durability and beauty of concrete paving stones. They are maintenance-free and extremely versatile.

ECO Home Builders – Pavers Installation Services

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