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ECO Home General Remodeling Contractor

Are you looking for a general remodeling contractor? If your home feels old-fashioned or was built decades ago, there is no need to tear it down and build it again. Hiring a reliable remodeling contractor is the key to taking your old home to a new level of modern design. ECO Home Builders (EHB) is the solution to all your remodeling needs as we will save your valuable time and make tour project within budget.

General Remodeling ContractorWhy Hire Us?

ECO Home Builders is a premium general remodeling contractor specializing in residential and commercial additions including kitchens, bathrooms, tenant improvements, and various other upgrades. Our unique, distinctive renovation approach focuses on serving our customers from concept to completion. With a strong dedication to ethical excellence and superior craftsmanship, we are committed to providing a design that satisfies all your requirements. We communicate during the whole remodeling process with our clients, as we understand their home has to be perfect to meet their needs. With EHB, you can rest easy knowing that your project will be completed with minimal disruption to your life and in the most efficient possible manner.

We at ECO Home Builders have an appreciation for the Florida community as a locally owned and operated construction business. We also take advantage of annual training on the latest techniques, technology, and construction products to bring the best of the construction market to our clients. Our foundation in ethical, honest business practices and commitment to quality makes EHB the company you can trust with your home.

Our Services

General Remodeling ContractorWhole Home Remodeling

Most customers refer us their family members and friends as they know we did a good job with their properties. Whether it is remodeling a bedroom, basement, utility room, or adding a home office or an entertainment room, ECO Home Builders can make all your dreams come true.

Bathroom Remodeling

Let us remodel your entire bathroom into your ideal private space. We can help you with everything that is involved in your bathroom remodeling project. From lighting to cabinets and countertops, to flooring to faucets and sinks. We will help you plan, design, and remodel your bathroom for your specified budget and your lifestyle needs.

General Remodeling ContractorRoom Additions

Add a room to your home when you are in need of additional space for a new home office, your growing family, or just to increase the value of your property before selling. When you want to expand the size of your house, a room addition from ECO Home Builders will give you a modern, functional space that meets and exceeds your needs.

Commercial Remodeling

EHB offers cost-effective and professional commercial remodeling solutions, handled with superior craftsmanship and quality.

EHB has proven to be the ideal remodeling solution for commercial projects in settings such as:

  • Townhouses
  • Condominiums
  • Apartments
  • Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Industrial Structures
  • Government Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels and Motels
  • And more!

ECO Home Builders – General Remodeling Contractor

If you have any questions please Call us at 954-665-0852 or fill our a quick form HERE.

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