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5 Custom Design Ideas That Can Add More Value to Your Home

Home designs go a long way in increasing the resale value of your home. They are instrumental in adding to your property’s aesthetic appeal and making it more functional. Since every house is different, the design should blend with its unique character and enhance the property’s overall aesthetic.

ECO General Contractors suggest some design ideas which you can incorporate in your home with the help of custom home builders.

Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is the area where the maximum activity takes place. A well-stylized kitchen will exponentially increase the home value. If you have a large area, place it in the middle of the kitchen and island that doubles up as a breakfast table. In addition, upgrade your countertop to accommodate more storage space underneath. For a stylish and minimalist look, you can also use stainless steel highlights that are easy to clean and maintain.

Bathroom Upgrades

While you may have a functional bathroom, you can opt for a stone finish that adds a regal touch in addition to being strong and durable. Also, use waterproof materials for your bathroom cabinets to prevent water damage in the long run if your bathroom is prone to steaming. If you have a small apartment and struggle with closet space, you can add a “his and her” closet in the bathroom itself.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Adding solar panels to your home is an excellent way of increasing your home value. Modern home buyers are not just conscious about saving money but care about the carbon footprint they leave behind.
Installing solar panels will bring down your electricity bills in the long run and also enable you to get the optimum price for your property in the near future.

Added Storage Space

The more storage space you have in your house, the better it is. It enables you to keep your living space clean. You can add additional storage below the flight of stairs and near the ceiling.
Our custom home builders can also add pull-out storage space in the attic, which will keep your items safe, which you do not have to use over a period.

Outdoor Space

Lastly, if you have a backyard, garden, or even a private terrace in your apartment, upgrade it for extra seating arrangement and aesthetic appeal. We can install a stone fountain, install fairy lights, or a campfire-style fixture to enjoy the outdoors without having to venture far from your premises.

ECO General Contractors

Contact ECO General Contractors Today for Custom Home Designs, Our state-of-the-art technology and excellent design team of custom home builders help you remodel and transform your home for the better. Not only will you be amazed at the potential that your property holds, but it will also enhance your lifestyle during your stay. Call us today at 888-257-8514


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