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Home Florida Renovation Makeover

When you crave to give your home a makeover, you can resort to ECO General Contractors to give your home an exciting feel and execute an inspiring home renovation.

Tastefully painted walls, cabinets, doors, fireplace, and window trims, do impress. Our licensed renovation contractors know how to elevate your personal space using all their knowledge to enhance your home décor with these details that will add value to your home.

Why Hire Our Services

Leaning on renovation specialists to convert your home into a space that best reflects your personality is rewarding. We will give you samples of paints, granite, cabinets, and any material related to the renovation. This will allow you to make a fair assessment of how it would look in your home. Armed with workable home renovation strategies, the skilled experts from ECO General Contractors will deliver impeccable makeover results. Our commitment to strive for excellence has earned us a remarkable reputation.

Painting Choices For Interior and Exterior

For example, you may often realize that your favorite colors do not reflect as appealing as you were hoping to achieve. Getting your home renovation right involves going the extra mile with a fair bit of onsite testing.

Besides the color, paying attention to the finish or sheen of your paint is essential. For your hallway and bathrooms, stick to a glossier sheen which you can scrub clean. Although high gloss paint finishes are durable and easy to keep clean, they highlight imperfections.

A flat paint finish conceals imperfections but is susceptible to damage. Instead, opt for an eggshell finish as it provides some gloss, does not highlight imperfections, is easy to clean, and not prone to damage.

Choose Earthy Tones for Exterior Painting

Considering exterior colors reflect into the atmosphere, opting for a slightly darker shade gives you the desired effect. Only painting your front door and shutters in pleasing tones adds a welcome pop of color.
Rely on a home renovation team that believes in using the best quality paint with sheen. Too many layers of paint only result in peeling and do not allow the original coat to adhere securely. To achieve a desirable finish that can withstand humid conditions, avoid plastering your exterior with thick paint.

Mix Colors

By creatively combining neutral hues, your home displays a color scheme that conveys sophistication. The use of bright, bold colors on lighter walls has very appealing results. Renovations using paint pleasantly transform your space without compromising on comfort and functional aspects.

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