Demolition Contractors

Are you looking for demolition contractors? A demolition process usually involves a new project related to a new construction or new renovation.

Demolition contractorsAt ECO Home Builders our demolition contractor services include the dismantlement, deconstruction, and removal of the structures and components of a house, building, or retail space for preparation for future redevelopment.

Our sophisticated equipment not only keeps our workers and the public safe but also protect the environment while performing the demolition job. Our demolition equipment includes specialized excavators, cranes, backhoes, skid steers, loaders, as well as attachments such as crushers, sheers, hammers, and wrecking balls and various landfilling and disposal technologies.

EHB goal is to generate the maximum amount of recyclable materials in the deconstruction process in case the demolition leads to a future development project. Our workers are specialized in the deconstruction process because it requires not only professional heavy equipment maneuver but also hand demolition. To use or relocate a big part of a building or structures we have specialized heavy equipment used to relocate or salvage the structures or components needed for the next construction process.

At EHB the recycling and reusing materials from dismantled structures is a priority especially if a client wants to rebuild a new space and the recycling process would ameliorate cost and make more affordable the new construction.

Our work practices follow the guidelines by National Demolition Association. Our highly trained and skilled professionals have highly work ethic practices to protect the public and safeguard the environment.

Eco Home Builders - Demolition Contractors

At EHB we have the best practices to help our clients restore and rebuild a new home or any construction plan. We can create a safe and environmentally friendly demolition action plan that enables our clients to reimagine their new home or construction building. Are you ready for EHB demolition contractors? Request a free quote today! For more details call us today at 954-665-0852 or click HERE and fill out a quick Form!

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