Many factors damage concrete surfaces due to temperature changes, water, and severe weather conditions. All play a part in weakening concrete structures; whether you have a large multiple-story structure or a cement slab, restoring and waterproofing your concrete will protect its long-lasting lifespan. With high humidity in Southern Florida, waterproofing your concrete structures is also important. Humidity causes extra moisture, which can weaken concrete causing more damage. ECO General Contractors has the team and resources to provide restoration and waterproofing for any commercial property.

Concrete Restoration

Cracks and marks in concrete can result from corrosion, and if not fixed, can become deteriorated even further and be prone to water damage. With southern Florida heat, humidity, and rains, concrete structures deteriorate. However, if damage has already occurred, ECO General Contractors can restore your concrete areas and ensure that they are well-protected. Our professionals can guarantee smooth and thorough restoration done promptly and with the resources to ensure the job is done adequately and successfully. Whether your damage is minimal or extreme, we can get it restored and ready to withstand the elements for years to come.


Protecting concrete structures involves waterproofing them. When cracks and chips appear in concrete, it allows for water to set in. Waterproofing concrete helps prevent structural damage and water intrusion. We can waterproof your concrete for a reasonable price and provide reliable and professional work. Keeping concrete well-protected saves you money in the long run by ensuring that you will spend less time and resources keeping up with faulty structures. Making sure your concrete structures are secure through extreme weather, humidity, moisture, and other natural deteriorating agents means taking steps to keep them strong and secure. That is where we come into play. Our services are there to benefit you and keep your concrete strong.

The wants and needs of our customers take top priority at ECO, so we make it a point to get the work done promptly and with the highest quality of professionalism. Whether you need restoration done to concrete structures or waterproofing an area to keep it secure, we will get the job done. Let us help you guarantee life for your concrete and prevent deterioration. You can schedule an onsite appointment to go over your needs or fill out a form on our website.

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